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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to buy something that I don't see in the online store. What can I do?

That what you see in the store is available for purchase. If it is not available, then you can't order it (by sending email, or else). It is advised to sign up to our newsletter and/or Telegram channel for staying up to date with our new arrivals and discount campaigns.

There's an error message when I pay. What should I do?

Please get in touch immediately ([email protected]) but don't order a second time! In most cases your order was already registered at the store and we can either proceed with your payment on our end or help you selecting a different payment method instead. 

After my order I don't receive any email-notification from the online store. What should I do?

Our store is sending automated emails, after a new order was placed as well as when the order status changes. Some email providers tag our emails as Spam, hence you need to check your Spam first before you reach out to us. 

I have selected "Pre-Payment" (Bank Transfer, TransferWise, Payment Link) as payment method. How much time do I have for paying?

Please initiate the money transfer within 10 working days. After this time we gonna remind you, but if you still don't pay we will delete your order. If this keeps happening, we will consider excluding your customer account from any pre-payment options, though.

I have not received my order within the estimated shipping period. What shall I do?

Please get in touch not sooner than four weeks after your order ([email protected]) and let us know your order number too. Otherwise we ask you to be patient, please: We always ship as fast as possible, but sometimes there can be delays nonetheless. However, we don't forget about your order! 

There is no response to my email to the store. What shall I do?

Especially when we have an increase in orders, we can't check our mailbox daily. Sometimes it can take some days or longer until we read your email and reply, please remain patient and keep checking your Spam too! More often than not, your inquiry was already dealt with in the meantime, because we have processed and shipped the order you are waiting for.

There is no update to the tracking of my shipped order. What shall I do?

Depending on the season, shipping can take much longer than usual. Every order comes with tracking, hence it's almost impossible for a package to be lost for good! If there was no update in tracking for more than one week (Europe) or two weeks (Rest of World), then get in touch and we'll sort it out for you. 

I have received my order but the package is damaged. What shall I do?

If the package is visibly damaged when it's delivered to you, please refuse to accept it but contact us immediately ([email protected]). If the package was delivered regardless, do not open it but wait for our instructions on how to proceed! Customers from non-EU countries need to select "Cargo Insurance" for the shipping of their order, or else we won't be able to claim compensation for the goods that were damaged during transit to you!

The order status was changed to "Partial Delivery". What does that mean?

One or more of your ordered goods are currently out of stock, that's why we have shipped your order without them for the time being. As soon as the missing goods are back in stock, we'll send them to you immediately. There is nothing you need to do; you'll be notified about the additional shipping as usual.

I have one or more pending orders. Can I add more items, and combine shipping too?

In the past we have made the experience that editing and combining pending orders causes problems we'd rather avoid, hence we have decided to don't do that anymore. Please use the wishlist in your customer account for planning your order, and if you make multiple orders you'll have to pay shipping for each one of them. We are shipping each order as it comes, even though this means you might receive multiple packages from us all at once.

How can I stay up to date concerning news from the shop?

Either by subscribing to our newsletter or to our Telegram-channel; there any updates and infos from the shop are published frequently.

Any more questions? Write to [email protected]

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